Patrizia Casagranda

Born in Stuttgart in 1979, Patrizia works in Germany, the Netherlands and India. After training, she worked at the International Art Centre in Holland and as an art director in Dusseldorf. Since 2016 she has pursued her own art career, exhibiting with various galleries and museums in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. In 2017 her work was exhibited in Paris, New York, the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Arts, Zurich, Cologne and Nuremburg.

Her latest work has been shown by Woodbine at the Uppingham gallery, and also in London, Bristol and Edinburgh

"Portraits of beautiful girls from India, who live by collecting trash from landfills......despite their poverty they exude a positive feeling for the joy of life......captured as a snapshot in my pictures. In the background......I have used the trash these girls collect every morning."

Patrizia's works make a profound statement about the throw-away consumer society that rarely lives in the rubbish it produces and is unaware that others have to do so to live.

A selection of works by Patrizia Casagranda is shown below. If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces please email yorath@woodbinecontemporaryarts.co.uk or telephone 01406 330693 / 07980 167404.

Laxmi (Wealth)

Mixed media

1300mm x 1000mm

Sunder (Beautiful)

Mixed media

1400mm x 800mm

Laxmi 2 (Wealth)

Mixed media

1400mm x 800mm

Kiran (Dances)

Mixed media

1440mm x 860mm

White Horse 2

Mixed media on canvas

970mm x 1200mm