Emma Jackson - New Works

17 June - 8 July

7 Orange Street, Uppingham, LE15 9SQ

Emma Jackson first came to us shortly after finishing her MA at Loughborough. Her early work was based within natural themes or settings, where she had sought out areas which were untouched, untouchable, forgotten or abandoned, in an attempt to capture the essence of nature. In her quarry paintings, Emma was fascinated by the way in which nature reclaims the evidence of man’s industrial activity; her later Finland paintings were inspired by the scale of the country and the way in which the forest created isolation for the people who lived there. The new paintings have been inspired by rivers and pools, and the way in which the light at dusk changes their visual appearance.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, June 17th, when drinks will be served, and will continue until Saturday, July 8th, opening at the following times:  

Friday & Saturday         11.00am - 5.00pm

Thursday & Sunday      by appointment

If you are interested in any of Emma’s paintings, please contact Liz or Rowan on 07980 167404 or yorath@woodbinecontemporaryarts.co.uk.

River Series no. 2 - Sunblast

Oil on canvas

900mm x 800mm

Silent Pool no. 1

Oil on canvas

1000mm x 900mm

Silent Pool no. 2

Oil on canvas

800mm x 700mm

Silent Pool no. 3

Oil on canvas

900mm x 800mm